The Best Pooch Potty Pads

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Dog potty pads work well when you're initially toilet-training your pup to prevent accidents indoors. Fido can eliminate on these pads instead of on your carpets and furniture between his training-regimen bathroom breaks. The best puppy pee pads available absorb his messes and allow you to quickly clean up.

Best Pads

The best training pads for Fido are made from layers of highly absorbent material that will soak up your dog's urine. These pads should have an underside made from waterproof material that prevents any urine or feces from leaking through, advises author Joan Hustace Walker in the book "Training Your Shih Tzu." Pads that contain antibacterial agents help to control odors from urine and feces. Some pads are even treated with chemicals that attract your pooch to them and encourage him to eliminate on them, according to the Doctors Foster and Smith website.

Types of Pads

Most canine potty pads are disposable, but some are washable and reusable. These pads may cost more initially than disposable pads that you simply throw away, but they provide you with a longer-term, more eco-friendly option, especially if your pooch is indoor-potty-trained. Fabric pads may stand up better than disposable ones to destructive chewing by dogs for whom this is an issue. When choosing either type of pad, pick one that's size appropriate for your pup. Big dogs produce more urine and feces, thus needing larger pads.


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