Solutions for Dogs When It's Too Rainy or Cold to Pee Outside

Simple solutions can prevent potty accidents during bad weather.
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If Fido refuses to go potty outside during rainy, cold weather, can you really blame him? Just like you, he dislikes bad weather. If it's really cold outside, your furry friend might be better off staying indoors, because if he's outside too long, he might get hypothermia or frostbite. To avoid this, use clever solutions so your pet companion can still go potty regardless of the bad weather. You won't have to deal with wet-dog cleanups, and both parties will be happy campers.

Going Potty Inside

Having a stash of pee pads in the house comes in handy during bad weather when both you and your dog don't want to go outside. Place a pee pad on easy-to-clean flooring, bring your pet companion to the pad and tell him to "go potty." The pad, which has an attractant that appeals to dogs, absorbs urine and is easily discarded. Several newspapers spread on the floor will also do the trick, as will a tray lined with artificial or real grass. If you have a small dog or a puppy, you can also train him to use a litter box.

Make a Fashion Statement

If you think that putting clothes on your dog is demeaning, think again. Dog clothes aren't just fashionable, they can also be functional. You put on a coat and shoes before going outside in the cold, so why can't your dog? During cold, rainy weather, dogs -- especially thin-skinned dogs -- will appreciate a warm sweater or raincoat when they're taken outside to go potty. Booties can help keep your pet companion's paws dry and clean, and during winter, they can offer protection from chemicals used to melt the snow.

Make a Backyard Potty

Making a potty for your dog in the backyard is ideal, because it's right outside the door. Border off a rectangle- or square-shaped area of the yard with garden timbers. Ideally, use an area that has an overhang, so your dog stays dry during rainy weather. Cover the ground in the area with sand and small, pea-sized stones. Bring your dog to his backyard bathroom when he has to go potty and, over time, he'll understand what the area is for and find his own way there.

Potty on Command

If you're out of pee pads and newspapers, didn't bother to buy clothes for Fido and couldn't find the time to build a backyard potty, make sure he knows how to go potty on command. This way you can quickly bring him outside, give him the command, wait so he goes potty and go back inside. Use commands, such as "go potty" or "do your business." Leash your pet companion each time you take him to go potty in bad weather so you can keep him close and he can do his business without taking you on an extensive tour of the neighborhood.