How to Properly Give a Dog a Shower

Skip the tub and give your dog a shower for a squeaky-clean pup.
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Whether your dog is a mastiff or a Chihuahua, she needs routine grooming to look her best. Some dogs do well in the bathtub, but others detest them. If your pup is a tub hater, try giving her a shower instead.

Step 1

Brush your pup before putting her in the shower. Pick debris, such as twigs and leaves, from her coat with your fingers, and brush her entire body to eliminate stubborn tangles. If you come across a particularly tough mat, loosen it with your fingers and brush from the ends of the mat toward the skin.

Step 2

Insert a cotton ball into each of your dog’s ears. Place the ball gently inside the opening to the ear, but don’t push it into the ear canal. The cotton keeps water from seeping into the ears and causing a potentially painful ear infection.

Step 3

Set your pooch inside the shower stall, and turn the water to warm. Direct the nozzle to spray along her back, and soak her entire coat. Take care not to spray water in the dog’s eyes, as this may scare her and hurt her eyes.

Step 4

Pour a thin line of shampoo along your pup’s back, and spread it around with your fingers. Work the soap down into her fur, scrubbing gently to work up a lather. Spray the soap away with the shower nozzle, and add a little conditioner to your hands. Run them over the dog’s coat to distribute the conditioner, leave it on for two minutes, and rinse for a soft, smooth coat.

Step 5

Turn off the water and leave your pooch in the shower stall to dry. The shower is the perfect place for her to shake off excess water without soaking your bathroom in a spray of dog water. Once she’s shaken off most of the water, remove the cotton from her ears and dry her with a clean towel.


  • If you dog is not startled by loud noises, use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. Use the lowest setting and keep the dryer moving to avoid burns.

Items You Will Need

  • Brush
  • Cotton balls
  • Pet shampoo and conditioner
  • Towels