How to Shower a Dog

A shower will leave your pooch squeaky clean.
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Bathing your dog is a necessary part of proper grooming, but not every dog enjoys a bath. A shower is an excellent alternative to a regular bath for large or tough-to-bathe pooches. If you don’t have a shower, a hand-held shower attachment works just as well to get your bath-averse furry friend fresh and clean.

Brush your dog from nose to tail before showering her. The fewer knots and tangles she has in her coat before her bath, the less time you will have to spend grooming her after she is dry.

Place a cotton ball just inside the opening to your dog's ears. Even a small amount of water is enough to cause an ear infection, and the cotton will absorb the water before it settles into the ear canal.

Place the dog in the shower, direct the shower stream away from her, and turn the water to a moderately warm temperature. Test the water on your arm before you apply it to your dog; if it feels comfortably warm on your skin, then it is safe for her. Point the stream at the center of your pet’s body .

Direct the water away from your pooch after her coat is thoroughly wet, and drizzle a line of dog shampoo down the length of her back. Scrub the shampoo throughout her fur, working it down to the skin with your fingertips. Take care not to get soap or water in your dog's eyes; use your fingers to rub the soap into the hair around her eyes, and and use a damp wash cloth to wipe it away. Rinse your pal thoroughly, taking care to wash away all traces of soap. If your pup is fidgety or doesn’t like to stand still, close the shower door and let her move around in the shower as she pleases.

Apply a small amount of conditioner to your pup’s coat, and distribute it with your hands. Leave the conditioner in her coat for five minutes, then shower it off. Turn off the shower, close the shower door, and let her shake excess water from her coat.

Towel your dog's coat dry before you let her out of the shower. Remove as much water from her coat as possible with the towel, swapping to a dry towel when the first becomes saturated. Let her out of the shower to finish drying. Run a brush through her coat as she dries to remove any remaining tangles and to encourage the coat to lie flat and smooth.

Items You Will Need

  • Brush
  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog conditioner
  • Towels
  • Cotton balls
  • Wash cloth