How to Protect a Leather Couch From Dogs

Protect that leather with a nice throw.
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You worked hard on choosing each piece of furniture to complete your home and had high hopes it would look nice for a long time. However, your pooch has decided your leather couch is his new favorite parking spot. Protect it with a couch throw.

Step 1

Buy a couch throw to put over your leather furniture. There are even furniture covers designed to keep your little guy’s fur, dander and dirt off of your nice leather. Choose a throw that not only matches your other decor but is also waterproof, stain-resistant and odor-repellant. Check the label before you buy one to make sure you can wash it at home.

Step 2

Place a folded sheet under the couch throw if you think you need extra protection. Tuck the ends of the sheet under the edges of the cushion to keep it in place. If your furry friend has potty issues, you may want to put a waterproof pet pad between the folded sheet and the throw.

Step 3

Wash the cover regularly to keep it clean and prevent it from getting stinky. Put your pooch outside or use a gate to block off the room that has your leather couch in it. This way he can’t jump up on the couch while it’s unprotected.


  • If you four-legged companion has beat you to the punch and has scratched up the leather, you can fix it with a leather repair kit from the couch manufacturer or you can try some repair methods at home. Try pouring a dab of olive oil on a cotton ball and rubbing it in circles over the scratch. A shoe polish that matches the color of you couch may work for deeper scratches.

Items You Will Need

  • Couch throw
  • Folded sheet, if needed
  • Waterproof pet pad, if needed
  • Olive oil, if needed
  • Cotton balls