Rain Hats for Dogs

Chris Amaral/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Most canines, excepting Portuguese water dogs and Labs, aren’t fans of the wet stuff, but nature calls regardless of weather conditions. Luckily, doggie ran hats can help protect his eyes and keep his head and face dry. No more pawing at those peepers, so grab your umbrella and head outside.


Any breed can enjoy the protection a rain hat affords, but long-haired breeds like Yorkshire terriers or those with large, bulging eyes such as pugs and Boston terriers can especially benefit. Long-haired breeds don’t want their facial fur and bangs sopping wet and dripping water into their eyes, and protruding eyes can be a magnet for irritating rain, mud and sand. Rain hats can also help your pet be seen in low light. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but look for one in a bright hue with light-reflective tape to provide extra safety on cloudy, rainy days.

Sizing and Fit

The majority of rain hats come in universal canine sizes: extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large. In general, extra-small is reserved for toy breeds, small for smaller terriers, medium for spaniel sizes, large for Labs and goldens and, finally, extra-large for Great Danes and Newfoundlands. However, the best way to ensure proper fit is to read and follow the sizing guidelines on each specific product. You don’t want your buddy’s rain hat so snug that it smashes his ears, but you don’t want it loose enough that it flips backward with the each gust of wind. Make sure the rain hat does not flop too far forward or otherwise obstruct your dog’s vision. Most rain hats stay put via elastic, ties or adjustable chinstraps.

Where to Buy

Rain gear, including rain hats, is sold at many large and local pet stores as well as online retailers. Brick-and-mortar stores like Petco, PetSmart or your local dog boutique are great options that allow your dog to try the hat before you buy. This is great news for first-time hat wearers. Online retailers are reserved for the savvy hat wearers and owners who have their pup’s size down pat.


Some dogs would rather get soaked to the bone than wear something on their head. A raincoat with a hood is a good choice for the dog with an aversion to headwear. Bonus: it keeps the rest of his body warm and dry as well. Detachable hoods are best, as they can be quickly removed if your buddy decides he simply won’t walk another second with a hat on. Many hooded raincoats feature removable hoods attached with waterproof metal or plastic snaps, zippers or thick Velcro.