How to Raise a Dog Igloo Off the Ground

by Jasey Kelly

Dogs enjoy the outdoors, and a raised igloo can offer comfort and shelter.

Raising your dog igloo off the ground provides several benefits for your pooch. It allows air circulation under the house, helps keep moisture and condensation off the floor and raises the entrance even more to prevent mud and water coming in during wet times. Raising the igloo requires very little time and money; you may even have the flat concrete blocks or pavers in your yard already. If you don't, you can purchase them at hardware and garden centers.

Step 1

Move the dog igloo to a temporary spot while you're setting up the patio blocks.

Step 2

Mark off the area where the dog igloo's location is, either with lawn paint or by cutting the perimeter with a flat-edged shovel. Make sure the area is large enough to hold the entire igloo.

Step 3

Cut out the grass within the perimeter with the flat-edged shovel and level the ground so it's flat. If you prefer to leave grass, that's okay as well, but it should be level.

Step 4

Place the dog igloo in the area and mark out the outside four corners.

Step 5

Place two patio blocks -- one on top of the other -- inside each of the four corners and two in the center if the house is large.

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