Rifampin & Dogs

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If your dog experiences a cut or wound that becomes infected, an abscess could brew beneath it, eventually forming a pus-filled lump. Your vet will drain and flush the abscess, then prescribe antibiotics to fight the infection. She might prescribe Rifampin in conjunction with other antifungal or antibiotic medications. Rifampin also is used for treating certain fungal conditions.

Administering Rifampin

When giving your dog Rifampin, wear disposable gloves. If it gets on your skin, it can cause rashes or stains. Your dog's urine and saliva might turn orange while taking the medication, but it's not an issue. Some dogs develop rashes while on Rifampin. Dogs should receive Rifampin on an empty stomach. Giving the medication after he's eaten can cause stomach upset or appetite loss. Avoid giving Rifampin to pregnant or nursing dogs or those with liver disease.


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