What Are a Rottweiler's Adaptations?

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The American Kennel Club classifies Rottweilers in the working group. They are a sizable dog with a heart just as large, an outgoing personality and can reach 27 inches at the shoulder. Because of the Rottie's historical usage as a herding and driving dog, he needs a job and daily exercise with his family to make a confident guardian of his pack.

Herding Instinct

The Rottweiler ancestors were drovers that moved and herded livestock for the Romans when they invaded Europe. Germans bred this dog for those qualities. Rottweilers have high-energy levels and need daily exercise. If you don't have livestock to herd, try giving your Rottweiler puzzle toys or make sure you include activities such as playing fetch and interacting with humans as part of his daily job.

Devoted Companion

As a devoted companion, Rottweilers feel the need to be part of a pack or family just as they did originally. The unconditional love for a Rottweiler with his pack makes him a social dog. Rottweilers excel in all behaviors when they participate in outdoor activities with their family. Dogs who are left alone for many hours a day, may feel they have been abandoned and can cause untimely decay of furniture, shoes or other items in retaliation.

Service Dog

As a working dog, Rottweilers have a high endurance level, are intelligent and are always willing to work and please people. The attributes that made this breed such a valuable herding dog in the past contribute to the breed as a police dog, service dog or therapy dog. Rottweilers strive to please their owners and help them in any way necessary with tasks, to guard them and to lie quietly near them as a therapy dog.

Temperament and Mental Disposition

Rottweilers are calm, confident and courageous and do not act suddenly to environmental influences. A Rottweiler waits patiently for commands from an owner before acting on his own thoughts to guard a family member. When a solid friendship is formed with a Rottie, it is a bond that is lifelong.