How Do I Get Sap Off My Dog's Paws?

Removing sap from a dog's paw may require several helpers.
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The joy of watching your puppy running freely through the evergreen trees dissipates when he limps back, needles and dirt stuck to the sap on his paws. If Charlie chews at his paws, the tree sap can cause frightening symptoms, including nausea, trembling, vomiting and weakness. A number of home remedies exist, but one of the safest sap-removing substances is vegetable oil from your kitchen.

Removing Tree Sap

While a number of products remove tree sap, many contain alcohol or other products that are not safe for dogs. Puppies tend to lick everything, including their sap-covered paws and the sap-removal products. According to PAW Partnership for Animal Welfare, you should try to soften the sap with vegetable oil, mineral oil or petroleum jelly. When the sap is soft, wipe it off with an old washcloth or rag. Wash Charlie's paws thoroughly with warm water and Dawn dish-washing liquid to remove all traces of oil or petroleum jelly and rinse thoroughly. Dawn is relatively safe for washing Charlie's paws; it is also used to clean water birds after oil spills.