Free Shelter Pet Food Programs

Sheltered pets benefit from free food programs.
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Over four million abandoned and unwanted animals are put to death every year in the U.S. alone. Animal shelters have sprung up all over the country to address the problem of caring for and adopting out abandoned animals, but this is an expensive prospect. Free food programs have evolved to help solve the problem of providing enough food for animals in the shelters.

Animal Rescue Site

By means of the Internet, the Animal Rescue Site provides free food for abandoned animals in shelters. This site allows the visitor to participate in easy and quick online activities. Visitors are asked to "click on the purple" and site sponsors donate food in response to the number of clicks. The visitor is encouraged to click every day, to shop the site's well-stocked store to generate more funds and to share the site with a friend. The funds generated purchase animal food which is distributed free to shelters and sanctuaries by various broad-based animal advocacy groups. One hundred percent of the advertising fees on the site go to the Animal Rescue Site's partners.

Hill's Shelter Nutrition Partnership

Hill's Shelter Nutrition Partnership is also an Internet-based program. It provides free Hill's Science Diet dog and cat food to not-for-profit animal shelters with the shelter paying only for the shipping and handling costs. This partnership helps improve and maintain animal health while in the shelter and also provides free bags of Science Diet brand pet food to hand out with each adoption. They guarantee enough to feed all the animals in the program-enrolled shelters regardless of the numbers. Their mission is to strengthen the relationships between people and their pets through optimal nutrition.

Click to Support Animal Rescue

Clicking to generate free food for animal shelters is a shot in the arm for animal rescue efforts. The animal shelters are provided with high quality food at little or no cost to them. The increased nutritional benefits they can provide for the animals helps offset small shelter budgets. Well-fed and healthy animals stand a much greater chance of being adopted. The sponsors receive affirmation with each click that their products are being exposed to sales and they pay the site for the exposure. With this system, everybody wins, especially the animals.