How Soon After Eating Should a Puppy Go Poo?

Learn the ins and outs of your pup's
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If you've recently welcomed a sweet puppy into your life, then you are probably fully aware of the magnitude of proper house-training, from managing house-soiling accidents to developing a predictable routine for going outside. The little ones tend to have to go potty very shortly after eating and drinking.


When it comes to taking your pet outside for a potty break, straight after eating is a sensible option. The Humane Society of the United States recommends taking puppies out as soon as they're done. Puppies usually go in the span of 15 minutes or less of mealtime. All puppies are totally different individuals, however, so there is no hard rule for this. Some puppies may have to go No. 2 a mere five minutes after eating, while it might take others half an hour or so. Try to remember your specific pet's "bathroom patterns" as much as you can to determine what works the most effectively for you and your cutie.


Your puppy's age may have a lot to do with how soon he needs to go outside for eliminating purposes. The younger a puppy is, the less sophisticated his bowel control will be. For example, a pooch who is under 4 months old may not be able to control his urges as successfully. It simply isn't realistic to expect very young pups to be able to abstain from going No. 2 for long stretches of time. This also applies to urination, of course.

Adult Dogs

As your puppy moves closer and closer to the "adult" stage, remember that it may take him a little longer to have to go No. 2 after eating. According to the Ohlone Humane Society, dogs typically pass stools approximately 30 minutes after they chow down.

Napping and Playtime

Mealtime isn't the only time of day that calls for an immediate trip outdoors for Junior. Make sure your puppy has the chance to eliminate as soon as he awakens in the morning or from a nap and after a play session, too. A consistent and reliable potty schedule is key for keeping your puppy on track during the very important housebreaking process. A dependable outdoor schedule is important for a dog's entire life, actually.