Sprays to Make at Home for Your Dog's Body Odor

A deodorizing spray reduces your dog's body odor between baths.
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Some dogs have strong body odor that reappears even shortly after a bath, because of overactive body oils; but most dogs gradually gain odors over time, from the funk they get on themselves outside. For those whose skin naturally emits an odor, you can control it with regular grooming and homemade body spray.

Essential Oil Mixtures

Essential oils deodorize your dog without the use of chemicals. Mix together 1 ounce of distilled water with three or four drops of your preferred essential oil or mixture of oils. Essential oils good for controlling a dog's body odor include lemon, lavender and geranium. Other popular oils safe for your dog include eucalyptus, coconut and jasmine. Choose a scent that you enjoy, but do not use tea tree oil except under the guidance of your veterinarian. Also, be sure peppermint oil does not come in contact with any open wounds. Mist the body spray lightly over your dog's fur, avoiding his eyes, nose and mouth.