How to Stop My Dog From Drinking Water out of the Toilet

Must be something in the water.
Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Gulping down a bit of toilet water probably won't hurt your pup, provided it's clean, but the notion is plenty disgusting nonetheless. Blocking him from getting into the toilet and offering him more enticing drink options help stop the behavior.

Lid Down, Door Closed

Closing the toilet seat lid keeps most canines out, but if your pal has learned to open the toilet seat lid to get a drink, check the home supplies market for childproof toilet lid locks. You may instead want to just keep the bathroom door closed at all times.

Fresher Alternatives

Most dogs who dive mouth-first into a toilet do so because they enjoy the coolness and freshness of the water. Dumping and refilling your pup's water a few times throughout the day and tossing a couple of ice cubes in there to chill it may keep him away from the toilet. PetWave suggests keeping multiple bowls of water around the house so your pooch isn't tempted to drink down some nearby toilet water.