How to Style a Temporary Dog Mohawk

A fauxhawk is one variant of the mohawk hairstyle.
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Mohawk hairstyles have a line of spiked hair running down the center of the head. These outrageous hairstyles became popular for humans in the 1980s, but times have changed and dogs now often sport hairstyles as unique as their human companions'. Shaving your pet's hair to give him a different look can be bad for his health, though, due to higher sun exposure. Try giving your pooch a temporary mohawk instead by using a few styling products designed specifically for animals.

Step 1

Bathe your canine friend as you normally do. Dry your pet's fur using a dog dryer on the lowest setting, leaving the fur on top of his head slightly wet.

Step 2

Work a small amount of dog hair styling gel into the wet fur on your pet's head. Comb his fur from the sides of his head toward the middle, working from both sides of your pet's head near his ears. Comb his fur up into a spiked line running down the center of his head.

Step 3

Scoop another dollop of gel out of the container and rub your hands together so you have an equal amount of gel on each hand. Run your hands from the sides of your dog's head to the middle, pulling your hands upward when you reach the spike of fur in the middle of his head. Continue doing this until you work all of the gel from your hands into his fur.

Step 4

Comb any stray fur into the mohawk style on your pooch's head. Use a little gel to reinforce any fur that looks as if it won't stay in the style as you have it. Let the gel dry completely.


  • Avoid getting styling gel in your dog's eyes. Immediately rinse your pet's eyes with water if you get any styling product in them.


  • If your dog doesn't have fur long enough to style, you can purchase a mohawk wig for him to wear instead.

  • Make your pet's hairstyle even more distinctive by adding some dye gel to his fur before styling it into a mohawk.

  • Add a faux-leather dog jacket or spiked collar to complete your canine friend's "bad dog" look.

Items You Will Need

  • Spray bottle
  • Dog hair styling gel
  • Styling comb
  • Dog dryer