Is There Any Difference in Hair Dryers for Humans & the Ones for Dogs?

Drying his hair might make him more comfortable after a bath.
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Some dog hair dryers look similar to human hair dryers, but a few differences exist in spite of having the same basic appearances and shapes. Dog dryers tend to have lower heat settings and may include stands that allow drying without your having to hold the dryer. Many are quieter than human dryers to keep from spooking the dogs.

Using Dog Dryers

Dog dryers are specifically designed to work with pooches' hair and skin. Human dryers are loud; they emit more heat, which can dry out or burn your dog's skin. Dog hair dryers' lower heat makes them safer. Stands allow you to conveniently leave your dog in his crate while he dries -- as long as you check on him every 15 minutes or so to make sure he's not getting overheated. Short-haired dogs might dry quickly, but long-haired dogs can take hours, even with a dryer.