How to Tie a Ribbon Bow for a Puppy

Make your puppy look as pretty as a present with a big bow.
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Creating a big bow can give your puppy extra pizazz for special pictures or for a holiday get-together. Make sure the ribbon shows clearly by choosing brightly colored ribbon that stands out against your puppy's fur. Also, put safety first when dressing up your puppy. Do not loop the ribbon around your puppy's neck. It's more safe for your puppy to have the bow attached to the collar.

Easy Puppy Bow Tutorial

Step 1

Wrap the collar around the rolling pin and fasten the collar's clasp.

Step 2

Slide one end of the ribbon under the collar and pull until the ribbon is centered, with an equal amount sticking out on each side of the collar.

Step 3

Cross the ends of the ribbon with one end going under the other ribbon to form an X shape.

Step 4

Slip the lower end up and through the part of the X shape between the center of the X and the collar. Pull the ends until the ribbon forms a snug knot around the collar.

Step 5

Make a bunny ears shoelace knot to form the bow. Create a hook-shaped loop with each ribbon end. Cross one hook-shaped loop over the other. Slide the tip of the top loop around and under the lower loop, then up through the center of the spot where the loops cross. Pull the ends until the center knot tightens and the bow looks a bit wider than your puppy's body.

Step 6

Cut off excess ribbon, only an inch or two, from the loose ends. This is to make the bow look balanced and appealing.

Step 7

Remove the collar from the rolling pin and attach the collar to your puppy. Position the bow above your puppy's shoulders or slightly to one side.


  • Large bows can get caught on things, causing a choking risk, so watch your puppy extra closely while the bow is attached to the collar.

  • Remove the bow as soon as it is no longer needed.

Items You Will Need

  • Loose-fitting collar
  • Rolling pin or helper
  • 2 feet of 1/2 inch wide ribbon
  • Scissors