How to Treat a Dog Run With Water & Bleach

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Cleaning your dog run is an essential part of responsible animal care. Cleaning, of course, requires sterilization. Eliminating bacteria, fungus and other infective agents helps keep your dog healthy. It prevents bad odors and reduces health and hygiene risks to you and other people who go in or around the dog run.


Remove your dog from the dog run and secure her elsewhere. Also remove all food and water bowls, toys, bedding and any other items. Place them away from the run; don't forget, these all need regular cleaning, too. Sweep out the enclosure to clear it of any feces, hair and other debris.


Hose down the entire dog run, then put on protective cleaning gloves. In a bucket, dilute bleach with warm water. Mix to a ratio of 1 part bleach to 32 parts water. Use a scrub brush and the solution to rub down the walls, fence and other components of the dog run. Use a mop or thick-bristled broom to scrub any flooring with the solution, too. Rinse away the bleach thoroughly with a hose. Allow the dog run to air-dry completely before returning items and dogs.


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