Trileptal For Dogs

Swimming is not recommended for epileptic dogs because of the risk of drowning.
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Dogs can suffer from epilepsy just as humans do. Epileptic dogs can have seizures that last up to 90 seconds. Canine epilepsy is generally genetic, and the first symptoms begin appearing before the dog turns 3 years old. Although these seizures can be frightening for owners to witness, they can be controlled through medications. Trileptal, however, is not considered an effective treatment option.

What is Trileptal?

Trileptal, also known as oxcarbazepine, refers to antiepileptic drugs designed to reduce the impulses between nerves which can cause seizures. Originally designed for the treatment of humans, some researchers believed the drug might be a more effective option for treating canine epilepsy. However, a 1996 study published in the "Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics" found no advantage to using oxcarbazepine over existing drug treatments.

Options for Treating Canine Epilepsy

Canine epilepsy is generally treated with anticonvulsants. Tegretol, also known as carbamazepine, has been successfully used in the treatment of canine seizures. Dogs on these types of medication require frequent monitoring by their veterinarians to ensure consistent levels of the drugs remain in their body to ward off the seizures.