How to Trim a Dog's Beard

Keep your dog still while you touch up his beard hairs.
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Long beards get dirty from your dog's food, get wet as your pooch drinks and can become tangled. While a groomer can clip your pet's beard as part of a grooming appointment, touch up your pal's facial hair in between appointments to keep him clean and tidy.

Step 1

Comb your pup's beard first, using a metal pet comb. Comb out any snarls or tangles in the beard.

Step 2

Stabilize your dog's face by holding it firmly with one hand. While you trim your pup's facial hair, try to hold his face as still as possible to ensure an even cut.

Step 3

Trim the beard hair using blunt-edged scissors to a length of 1 inch. You may opt for a longer beard if you prefer, but these require regular maintenance. Cut in an even line for a straight look.

Step 4

Stand back and inspect your work. Touch up any spots you missed with the scissors.


  • Reward your pooch after grooming with verbal praise or cookies. Keeping still while mommy has the scissors out can be hard work.

Items You Will Need

  • Metal pet comb
  • Blunt-edged pet scissors
  • Dog treats