How to Use a Walkabout Retractable for Two Dogs

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Retractable leashes allow dogs more freedom than standard leashes. However, two leashes and two dogs walking at the same time can result in one human with leashes wrapped around her legs. You can add a leash coupler to a walkabout retractable leash and walk both dogs together without tangles. Leash couplers have swivels that prevent crossing leashes, tangled dogs and falling dog walkers.

Step 1

Choose a leash coupler for your size of dogs. If the two dogs are different sizes, choose a coupler made for the weight of the larger dog. Pick an adjustable leash coupler for two dogs if they are of different heights.

Step 2

Open the clip on the end of a walkabout retractable leash that would generally attach to one dog’s collar. Insert the round ring at the top of a leash coupler into the clip and release it.

Step 3

Put on a treat pouch or fanny pack with several dog treats in it. Call both dogs to you and ask them to sit. Clip one of the two extensions from the coupler to each dog’s collar.

Step 4

Slide the adjuster on the smaller dog’s coupler toward the leash to shorten it so both dogs are the same distance from the coupler. This enables the two dogs to walk side by side.

Step 5

Use short training sessions in an area with few distractions to teach the dogs to walk together. Give each dog a treat when they walk nicely together, and lots of praise. Start by advancing about two steps and then give the dogs a treat for not pulling on the leash. Gradually increase the number of steps between treats. Lengthen the walks with lots of positive reinforcement, eventually phasing out the treats.


  • If you have one male dog, attach his collar to the coupler farthest from you. This enables him to urinate without getting your leg wet in the process of his leg lifting.

  • Choose a coupler that is reflective if you often walk your dogs in the dark.

Items You Will Need

  • Leash coupler
  • Treat pouch
  • Dog treats