Is Variegated Ribbon Grass Poisonous to Dogs?

Sometimes dogs just eat grass. Images

Variegated ribbongrass (Phalaris arundinacea), also called reed canarygrass, is an attractive and hardy addition to your garden -- but if you have a dog, you're wise to be concerned about what will happen if he eats it. The USDA lists this plant as being slightly toxic. If your pooch is prone to grazing, look for something else to liven up your yard.

Where to Expect Variegated Ribbon Grass

Variegated ribbon grass is a hardy ornamental grass. It will grow in wet ground or dry ground, in the sun or in the shade. It is commonly used in public areas because it requires very little maintenance once it takes hold. While the USDA lists this grass as being slightly toxic, there is no definitive data on how toxic it is to dogs. Still, it is probably best to avoid letting your dog eat variegated ribbon grass.