How Do I Walk Two Big Dogs Together Without One Pulling & the Other Stopping?

Walking multiple dogs at once can be difficult.
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If you have two dogs, walking them at the same time can be an enjoyable experience, until one dog starts pulling hard on the leash and the other stops walking altogether. Dogs are naturally excited about their environment and don't always know how to properly walk on a leash. Learning how to properly walk your dogs together, with the use of the right walking equipment, is key in making your dog walking experience easier and much more enjoyable.

Step 1

Put a front-clip harness on each dog. A front-clip harness is humane and helps reduce dogs from pulling while on-leash, according to the ASPCA. You can purchase front-clip harnesses at pet stores.

Step 2

Clip the double dog leash coupler onto both dogs' harness snaps. A double dog leash coupler keeps two dogs of a similar size close together, putting a stop to one dog pulling and the other stopping. You can purchase a double dog leash coupler at pet stores.

Step 3

Attach the leash to the double dog leash coupler snap.

Step 4

Walk the dogs around your yard for a few minutes until they're comfortable with their new walking arrangement.

Step 5

Begin walking the dogs on their regular walking trail at a quick pace. Walking at a quick pace will make a dog less inclined to stop every few steps, according to the ASPCA.

Step 6

Give each dog a treat after every walk if they performed the walk well and obeyed.


  • Never whip or abuse your dogs if they don't catch on to their new walking equipment, as you could make the dogs scared of the equipment and make them less likely to obey.


  • When choosing a leash, make sure it's sturdy and durable, as you'll be walking two big dogs at once instead of just one.

  • If you want your dogs to walk properly, you need to make sure each dog's harness fits snugly and securely.

Items You Will Need

  • 2 front-clip harnesses
  • Double dog leash coupler
  • Leash
  • Dog treats