Welsh Corgi Behavior

Pembroke Welsh corgis often enjoy living on farms.
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If you're a fan of herding dogs from Wales, then corgis might be right up your alley. Not all corgis are the same, however, as two separate breeds exist -- the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. As far as temperament goes, both canine breeds often display sweet and pleasant basic dispositions.

About the Two Breeds

Both of the Welsh corgi breeds have bodies that are conspicuously low to the ground, along with dense bones. However, Pembroke Welsh corgis have even shorter physiques than the Cardigan counterparts. The bones of their limbs are not quite as thick as those of the Cardigan variety. Pembroke Welsh corgis are the more commonly seen of the two breeds. Both are courageous and protective.

Behavior With Family

Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgis are similar to one another in that they both adore the company of the people closest to them -- their family. When it comes to the people in their households, Welsh corgis tend to be dedicated, tender and faithful friends. They generally enjoy making their family members happy. Without appropriate training, they sometimes try to "herd" humans by mouthing at their feet -- a relic of their herding dog origins.

Behavior Around New People

Both breeds also often react similarly to the presence of new people. If they encounter people they've never seen before, they might be reluctant at first to behave in a friendly manner. Welsh corgis usually are reticent around people they do not know.

Behavior Around Different Animals

Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgis usually are amiable toward other animals. However, Cardigan Welsh corgis, unlike their Pembroke pals, are usually a little meek and perhaps even quarrelsome around fellow dogs. Because of this possibility, it is important to supervise dogs who share company.

Behavior Around Children

As long as they receive lots of the right socialization beforehand, Welsh corgis usually get along wonderfully with children. However, it is always beneficial to monitor interactions between kids and dogs.


Both types of Welsh corgis call for physical fitness on a daily basis -- think lengthy outdoor walks. If they get the exercise they need, they usually can thrive in a multitude of different environments, from quiet rural settings to bustling urban landscapes. Cardigan Welsh corgis tend to be a little more energetic than the Pembroke cuties, although both of them are pretty lively.